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Magnet Healing

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Magnet healing is also a healing method that treats a lot of ailments by simply placing magnets of the proper power, on the location of pain or disease.

The North & South pole of magnets are connected to the North & South part of our body and organs.
Automatically we get connected to the earth poles and this gives us balance, harmonization and links us to mother Earth’s energies.
As a matter of fact magnets attract throbbing vibrations on the body parts and thus offer natural healing from mother Earth.

Nowadays, more and more scientific teams use magnet healing and the results are amazing. Its limitations are still unknown.
While ancient Greeks in Samothrace used magnets to heal many ailments, we are just finding out their potentials in treatment: Koreans successfully used a magnetic field to destroy cancer cells!



Magnets in Ancient Greece
In ancient Greece doctors were using strongly magnetized iron rings for healing purposes. Due to the miraculous results it was believed that these rings had magic – divine powers.
Great Mystics also wore magnetized rings in some ceremonies.

Magnets were used to treat eye diseases, burns, arthritis pain, trauma pain, bone and muscular inflammation, lumbago, fractures, sprains and skin ailments. Magnets were also used for successfull traumatic and postoperative recovery.
Specifically, the Greek Queen of Egypt Cleopatra used to wear a gem from a natural magnet on her forehead to treat headaches and symptoms of aging.
All the great ancient Greek philosophers and scientists have dealt extensively with magnetism:
Plato tells us that this stone (magnet) not only attracts iron rings, but also transfers to them the ability to attract other rings (what today is called “magnetic induction”).
According to Epicurus, the formation of an empty space between the magnet and the object, which is under its influence, was the cause of a small movement of atoms from the iron to the magnet in order to “fill the gap”. Thus the entire object moves towards the gap and falls onto the magnet.
Diogenes explained the magnetic attraction with a strange way. He said that “the humidity of the iron causes the drought of the magnet.”
Aristotle said that the magnet is not physically able to attract iron, but can cause a “magnetic virtue” to the iron. This “magnetic virtue” is responsible for the actual move. Aristotle attributes the first scientific theory of magnetism to Thales.

Magnets against cancer
While all these were known in Ancient Greece, the darkness of the Middle Ages covered them and buried them calling them sorcery and evil things. Greek Universities were destroyed and so was the door of Humanity to Knowledge
However, just recently in South Korea scientists used a magnetic field in order to force cancer cells into self-destruction. Thus the body through the process of programmed cell death (PCD), or apoptosis, removes old, damaged, and infected cells. They connected iron nanoparticles to antibodies, which bind the molecules which are ‘receivers’ of cancer cells. These molecules are concentrated when the magnetic field is applied, causing the signal of “self-destruction”. In this experiment, more than half of cancer cells were destroyed when the signal for self-destruction started! Healthy cells were unaffected and harmless ( Fig research by Professor Jinwoo Cheon, the Univ. Yonsei in Seoul).

Other benefits
Korean scientists also announced a method for detoxification of blood lead (and other heavy metals), based on tiny magnets. With magnets they managed to remove a 96% of lead ions from blood samples! (Fig research Zhong Hua Jung, of Nat. Univ. Gkieongksangk, 2009).
It is also known from elder research that magnetic fields stimulate the brain. This is logical, since 30% of the cells have the pineal magnetic susceptibility, while organic tissues contain magnetite.

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