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Feng Shui Space Healing

Sessions > Feng Shui Space Healing

Feng Shui is not for intended for people who want to decorate their space with chinese elements.

It is intended for people who want to know which energies “cohabitate” with them and how they can convert this…cohabitation in something pleasant and constructive.

At  Hilarion Healing and Research, we teach Crystal Feng Shui to the extent that you will be able to “heal” on your own the energies around you.

Α Feng Shui  report gives information about your space so as to know where to invest and what to expect.

Feng Shui is the key to help you regarding “blockages”from negative energies, so as to avoid unexpected misfortunes and setbacks.
The combination of Traditional Feng Shui and Crystal Feng Shui seals the relationship between the following:

Heaven-Earth Man – Universal energies- Earth energies.

Crystal Feng Shui is the amalgamation of minerals and 5 elements.

Wind and water – energies and paths. The movement-flow of energies around us is the exact translation of the metaphorical phrase wind and water.

We begin with the first series of  the Traditional Feng Shui aiming at getting to know the basic principles of this art-science and to understand the way of approaching the energies.

Our approach is theoretical as well as experiential, thus offering a complete experience of energy.

At level I , the following subjects are analyzed:

What is Feng Shui?
Types of energies and categories
Yin and yang
The 5 elements and their cycles
Trigram and crystals
Dealing with negative energies
Luo Shu, pakua
Interpretation of directions
Interpretation of numbers
Interior decoration stands

The teaching method is divided into seminars  of 4 levels, of equal or shorter duration, depending on the subject, so that the cost is affordable and the knowledge is better assimilated.

Teaching is delivered by Malamatenia Kaidatzi, (Flying Stars Feng Shui professional diploma, Feng Shui consultant since 2003)

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