Energymental Diagnostics

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Energymental Diagnostics

Sessions > Energymental Diagnostics

The purpose of Diagnostics, and particularly the 1st level of the seminar, is to provide the prospective professional healer with foundation and data that will facilitate diagnosis as well as counseling at the end of treatment. Thus, the patient will not remain in a vague field of low perception and understanding about both his progression and the ways he can cooperate with his therapist.

Energymental diagnostics is not fortunetelling, something that is not encouraged at the Hilarion center. It is a scientific pure energy image that the healer gathers in many ways and knowledge. At the same time, the experience  the therapist gains from the practices available in our center, strengthens the diagnostic result.


1st Level Diagnostics is aimed at new students  who intend to learn and practice Energymental so as to properly prepare for the 2nd level of Energymental and 2nd Level Diagnostics. After completion the 1st level they will be able to detect a lot of external and internal information about the patient.

Seminar Curriculum

Energy centers around the world:

Ancient Greece
American Indians

The 18  Energy Centers in the Energymental  System
Exercise –  medial record training
Choice of therapeutic applications for a focused session.
Senses and the 5 Elements
Counseling – guidance after completion of treatment.
Archiving – statistics.

Duration: 5 hours




External Diagnostics – Physiognomy
Internal Diagnostics – Inda, Pingala, Susumna
Spiritual Diagnostics for students
The 18 Chakras of Energymental – Analysis
Complete medical record

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