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Wellcome means that I invite to my life beautiful, pure creative and beneficial relationships!


General Information:

Wellcome means that I invite to my life beautiful, pure, creative and beneficial relationships!

This Seminar focuses on healing the prints of all relationships and renews the feelings and the body of the seeker of a harmonious relationship, beginning with spotting and purifying experiences that repeat like fixed patterns.

Previous relationships, harsh energies and grids weaken vitality.

Unfulfilled expectations… the negativity and traumas of experiences, the unsaid words and unfulfilled dreams… connections unnecessary that must get purified for the heart to proceed to its maturity!

I welcome my inner beauty and project it on my relationships, because I decide that the strain of meaningless and toxic relationships will not be connected with me any more.


I choose beauty and creation!

I welcome only beautiful relationships to my life!


  • Spotting damages depending on relationship – organically, emotionally, mentally.
  • Purification of the findings
  • Conscious work on Karmic commitments (smoothing)
  • Structuring the Aura (The manifested beauty)
  • Protection of Structure


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