Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki I Seminar


Reiki 1st Degree seminar’s curriculum is the following:

  •     Energy centers (chakras)
  •     Exercises to energise our hands
  •     Self-healing and protection meditation
  •     First initiation
  •     Fast sitting therapy
  •     Prayer, Scanning, Sweeping, Meridians.
  •     Second initiation
  •     Protection technique
  •     Self-healing through energy center balancing
  •     Full therapy (all the steps one by one)
  •     Third initiation
  •     Practice on therapy
  •     Meditation
  •     Healing methods for plants, animals and minerals
  •     Fourth initiation
  •     Mass Healing
  •     Conversation.

All trainees have to be interviewed before attending the seminar.


Limited places.
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