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The Sacred Scarab Seminar

Master Serapis Bey prepares us by awakening our physical senses in a unique authentic way.

The target of this Seminar is to upgrade the perception and knowledge of the disciple regarding the function of the senses in a multidimensional way.

The practice and the techniques given are bound to transform and upgrade even some basic functions of the body.

If the key of immortality lies somewhere is in the mastering of the senses. The Sacred Scarab is a path from the unstable and vulnerable point of detachment to the point of the ascent to safe levels, heading steadily towards the Enlightenment.

The Egyptian nature of Serapis Bey reveals the mysteries and secrets to the chosen ones who have previously been tested for their stability and loyalty, service and inner catharsis.



  • Catharsis – mastering- awakening of senses
  • Feelings and senses
  • The 4 elements of breath
  • Activation of senses in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension
  • Sight- Clairvoyance
  • Hearing – Clairaudience
  • Olfaction – Clairolfaction
  • Touch – Crairtouch
  • Taste – neutralization
  • Spiritual Energy nutrition
  • The 7 Rays and the Purity of the senses
  • Initiation of senses with the Sacred Scarab
  • Purification – liberation from dependencies
  • Universal fluids
  • Exercises – practice
  • Awakening of the 6th sense
  • The Scepter of Serapis
  • Portal of Earth and Heaven
  • Astral Planetary Service of Liberation

Those who have not attended the 1st level of Energymental Healing (the 7 Rays and the Ascended Masters) may attend this seminar provided that they have a preliminary personal meeting.

Limited places.
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