The 4 Pillars of Awareness

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Using the power of words we change the brainwaves so that the brain works beneficially in any situation.
The Purpose of the 4 Pillars is to be applied on difficult moments so that we be winners even in the darkest and most demanding situations of life.
The words are connected with certain brainwaves, of certain colours and by placing special magnets on specific points of the brain we can bring harmonization of brain function.

In this seminar we work on the following:

  • Brain and waves (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta)
  • Experiences and brainwaves
  • Wave properties and how they affect us in daily life
  • The power of words and how they act on the brain
  • Application plan – life plan
  • Awareness table
  • Color-therapy through visualization
  • Placing magnets on the most important areas of the brain using a special construction
  • Achieving absolute serenity and self-healing through Delta waves.


The practitioners are going to receive the 5 cell Harmony (5CH)® construction, Malamatenia Kaintatzi’s patent. It is applied on the head in order to increase or decrease the brainwaves and thus meditation will be deeper and more beneficial.

The 4 Pillars of Energymental Awareness lasts 5 weeks, a challenge that proves how much we really want to be well, how much we want to get to know our self and how much we want to evolve…



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