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The Hippocratic Oath begins mentioning Asclepius and Health. The doctors all over the world take an oath in these names. If we overcame dogmatism, we could say that Asclepius is a Godman, who had the most higly developed system of natural healing and really advanced knowledge on surgery. In Asclepian healing centers there were many healing activities for the patients one of which was the famous Abaton.

The Abaton was a dark place that mataphorically represented not only the dark aspects of the self but also the very illness.

In Hilarion Healing and Research Centre we approach the Asclepian methods and their benefits in order to achieve man’s best possible healing and evolution.

Asclepian Egimisis is a different experience for each participant and therefore cannot be described thoroughly. What you need to know is that you are going to get in a state of deep relaxation that will lead to sleep. At that time the healing will be achieved. Healing has many faces and dimensions, therefore everybody has something that needs to be healed or to be left behind.

On the day of the Asclepian Egimisis, it is strongly recommended that you have lunched, having only vegetarian food, at least 3 hours before the event. You should also be dressed comfortably.

Limited places.
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