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The First Series consists of 7 Esoteric classes and it is open to everyone without the prerequisite of prior knowledge or experience.

Following the knowledge given by Masters of the past and qualified scientists of the present, we invite you on a journey of self-awareness and personal transformation!

Meditation is the path that leads us to know our True Nature and our infinite potential. Its benefits are invaluable both for our physical well-being and our soul. The scientific and medical community proves daily the positive changes that meditation causes in the human brain.



Introduction – Tao & Body

In this first lesson we learn about the path of emotions inside the body and the elements from which we can acquire strength and healing for each organic conflict. A piece of knowledge, an elixir, with simple techniques to help us on our  journey.


Ethereal Contemplation

What else exists beyond the physical body? What is the energy that surrounds us? With which body is Meditation performed and how is it performed? This seminar is based on the experiential contact with the Etheric Body, its constitution, and the powers it contains.
The theoretical analysis of the problems and why they occur are identified, as well as the most essential function of the wheels of energy (chakras).


Astral Body and Astral projection

In this class we analyze the terms of the above title and when, how and why they happen.
In practice, a cleansing takes place first to remove the obstacles and to have a successful experience of the most advanced practices of the Astral body, the Higher Senses beyond time and matter.


Mental body – Mental clarity

Theoretically, the function of the Mental body is approached for both uninitiated and initiated ones, as well as the connection it creates to the physical body. Practically, we first work on natural influences and functions and in the 2nd stage of the seminar we contact with the Mental Body and its limitless possibilities.


Immersion in the Core of Silence

In order to get closer to something, someone or ourselves, silence is a key factor. Silence harmonizes, chatter distracts. We must sink to take off, or land, exactly as needed! Practically we will approach the silence in 2 stages, in 2 energy centers, in order to unite with the double of the silence and reach the merging with the energy of the silence.


Creating a field of safety and strength


What is power? What is safety? What makes you safe? What makes you weak? What is the way to get out of these situations and not come back? I’m learning setting boundaries towards everyone. Practically it takes place the reflection of fears and  the creation of conditions for self-control and empowerment. In addition, exercises are given for practice in everyday life.


Healing all bodies

What ails the human body?
How much is our health affected by our own actions and how much by others?
What are the stages of holistic treatment according to our bodies?
What about healing the soul?
Practically cleansing will take place, healing of all bodies,  letting the seeds for health to flourish in all areas of life and in the bodies of the inner constitution of man.


Closing awarding ceremony and certificates to all those who completed Level 1 Meditation classes.



Genesis, the Primordial Creation

In the 2nd level of the Science of Meditation the subject of the seminars  deepens and the techniques aim at awakening and expanding the possibilities.
In the first topic we are searching our roots, with a theory that will free the practitioner from limitations of the mind, creating a fertile field for experiencing a retrospective at a place where the birth is experienced, the initial, where the soul  formed!

The class is advanced and the responsibility of the abilities is yours, mainly for the vitality of the body,and your emotional and mental state.


Karma – Dharma

The eternal unquenchable law of cause and effect is mainly the law of physics manifested in metaphysics as a proposition of a balanced, fair and happy life.

Why and how karma is produced and ways to atone are part of the theory in this class.
Practically we will draw the karma and locate its symbols first by meditating and then by visualizing it.


Akashic Records – Personal Codes

The world’s libraries have the best locating and recording mechanism than any other means that the human mind can construct.
The heavenly libraries will allow our arrival with a higher purpose, drawing strength through the personal purpose and inspiration for the common collective purpose.


Heavenly Bodies – 5th Dimension – Higher Communication

In this class we cross the borders of mind and body, we descriptively experience the universe, its dimensions and the communications that appear.
The goal is not the  training in Higher communication because this requires a lot of personal work and purification.
What we aim for is to create the infrastructure and the right information along with the experience that will create in these hard-to-reach fields of safety and higher motivation.


Sirius the Brilliant – The Mysteries

Many mysteries around the world are connected to Constellations and Planets.
Mythology is rich as the ancient writings and hieroglyphs lead the seeker to look up to the sky in search… in search of answers and knowledge!
The journey is long but accessible with the power of our intangible bodies which make contact feasible.
The Seminar is deeply experiential.


Death & the Accomplishments of Rebirth

As the years fall behind and the life ahead dwindles, the need to study the other world either becomes a great phobia and rejects any form of approach to it, or it becomes the only study and the only exploration that excites, prepares and matures man.
If there was a simple death exercise it would be meditation.


Closing awarding ceremony and certificates will be given to all those who completed the Level 2 of Science of Meditation.


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