The 7th fold chakra path

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An inner teaching of the chakras begins (online and in person classes), devoting 9 two-hour lessons on theory, cleansing practices and meditation.

The rich experiential content will help you:
1. Get to know yourself more deeply
2. Continually improve
3. Awaken inactive aspects of yourself
4. Intervene in unpleasant experiences embodied in the chakras
5. Anticipate disharmonious emissions and projections by repelling them.
6. Strengthen your field with high vital energy
7. Awaken your body and become a receiver of information
8. Heal through the prevention and connection you will receive.

1st lesson – Sushumna -Breathing-Light-Directions of practice
2nd lesson – Mulandara-Breathing-Mantram-Purification-Empowerment-Character
3rd Lesson – Swadisthana-Breathing-Mantram-Purification-Empowerment-Character
4th lesson – Manipura-Breathing-Mantram-Purification-Empowerment-Character
5th lesson – Anahata-Breathing-Mantram-Purification-Empowerment-Character
6th Lesson – Vishudha-Breathing-Mantram-Purification-Empowerment-Character
7th Lesson – Ajna-Breathing-Mantram-Purification-Empowerment-Character
8th lesson – Sahasrara-Breathing-Purification-Strengthening-Character
9th lesson – Merging lessons-breathing-mantrams-chakra mobility.

The material contains Hindu content, breathing, mantras, visualization, theory, meditation and material for practicing each week.
Notes are provided in each lesson.
A certificate of attendance will be given to those who have completed all 9 lessons.
The material may not be used by participants for teaching unless there is a written agreement with the Creator-coordinator Malamatenia Kaintatzi.

The cost of each lesson is 15 euros+VAT.

We wish you a beautiful inner journey into the world of energy and colors!

Limited places.
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