Why learn to meditate?

Meditation explores our true nature, the nature of the Mind.
It helps us to get in touch with ourselves, to calm down, to relax the body, to face the challenges of our everyday life.

Meditation is experienced as an endless and profound state of calmness, serenity, inner harmony, balance and peace.
Clearing of the mind and thoughts but also “cleansing”… denaturation and positive manifestation of higher emotions and also contact with our personal truth.

Meditation strengthens your positive attitude towards life and everyday issues of life…
It relaxes you offering calm, rest and serenity due to the fact that it eliminates fear and anxiety.
It increases energy levels and happiness, offers peace of mind, helping organizing thoughts… with gentle – controlled reactions towards negative influences and situations,dissolving chaotic thoughts and negative emotions.

Meditation is not just closing your eyes and squatting, it is much more that will be given to you as tools and gifts of life.
It is a liberation from everything might concern you and “pulls you back”…