Higher Self – the Reunion

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A 4-hour Awakening Seminar with healing applications for everybody.

During this 4-hour healing seminar we will:

  • Approach the meaning of the term Higher Self
  • Experience the energy of the Higher Self
  • Learn where it is manifested (glands, energy centers)
  • Where the conflicts come from
  • Receive an individual reunion by the coordinator
  • Receive the Reunion Technique
  • Learn how to apply Reunion on others
  • Contact the Higher Self
  • Receive Higher Self Meditation and details on how it works and affects the practitioner


The Wise self, the guiding voice, the representative of the Soul, the Higher Self… will be experienced in a way that the path will resemble the craving of returning home.

The theory, the energy centers, the glands, the composition of the Higher Self in a concentrated teaching that sheds light on what exactly we need to know. Practically, the Higher Self just prevails. What’s more, you can use the technique of the Higher Self to help others as well!

It may sound out of reality due to the fact that we find difficulty in conceiving and understanding the immaterial nature that surrounds the form called Man, let alone if have no information about it. Getting to talk about Connection and Disconnection with the Higher Self may sound oxymoron to some people who recognize only one self, the one they see in the mirror.

Every time we experience an inner conflict, we disconnect from our divine intelligence, or our inner voice in other words.

If the inner conflict is not healed, an illness may come to make us change our view of life etc.

So the Reunion with our Higher Self leads to the ideal situation of the permanent contact with the wise that lies in ourselves, avoiding wrong choices and misfortunes.


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Seminar Type : 1st Level Energymental

Limited places.
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