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The wheel of Fortune and the abundant gifts!

Energymental Prosperity is a healing seminar that aims to help our talents and potentials emerge in a way that not only awakens our actions but also leads us to material wealth, fame and achievement. Leaving the chasing game, or the game of unfulfilled dreams, we enter our inner practice and action, making daily prosperity granted!

We learn how every energy center works according to prosperity. What happens to places and if they are prosperous. Also, the awareness of the personal fortune of everybody and the external obstacles to success are analyzed and healed with the help of two great Assistants, Goddess of Fortune (also known from the ancient Greek tradition) and an Angel that eliminates competition, jealousy, pitfalls and other external obstacles. It is a seminar with great success rates confirmed by the attendees themselves!

The Alchemy of Fortune for the Union of Material and Spiritual Wealth.

Curriculum :

  • Energy centers analysis according to the levels of wealth
  • Purification of victimal beliefs & ideals
  • Wealth Aura & Energy centre building
  • Self-healing and Self-confidence codes
  • CARDS: The pairs of evolution
  • Symbols of visualization & Fortune reinforcement
  • GODDESS FORTUNE & THE ANGEL OF ABUNDANCE: The Archetype of Fulfillment
  • Protection
  • Abundance Meditation

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