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The purpose of Energymental Nutrition is not to give dietary advice, but to awaken the relationship of the Man with the Plant Kingdom and also his relationship with the 7 Rays of the Rainbow of the Creation.


In this way we deepen in the communication of the man with the Earth life experiencing the Heavenly blessing at the same time, connecting the physical and mental needs of the human body.

A vegetarian that does not feed on animal products will get to know the world of herbs, plants and fruits in order to offer his body vital energy, not stolen from animals but solar and earthy energy offered with Love.

This seminar also offers the ability to upgrade the quality of the energy of the food in order to experience the quality and the quantity that keeps the body thin and healthy.

Plant – fruit eating is blessed food by itself, but people do not understand the role of the goods offered, as they forget or cannot understand the composition of the body of the Earth.

We look into the anatomy of humans and animals but we forget the Earth that reflects as a body that sickens. Having this connection in mind the role of the vegetarian does not only focus on his personal benefits but also on the great body called Earth.

‘Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.’ Gen.1 :29.



  • Man and his mystic relationship with the Plant Kingdom
  • Technology on plants and illnesses – ways of counteracting
  • The way of living of a plant eater
  • Deities of Herbs and Medicine in all traditions
  • Classification of foods (illnesses , 7 Rays)
  • Healing ways of purifying and activating food
  • The fat and its hidden manifestations – Experiential
  • Healing statements per Ray and activation of them. Experiential
  • The Teaching of Jesus – ways of purification – Experiential
  • Ways of healing uses of herbs – preparation
  • Energy Preparation of the room before cooking
  • Preparation of potion for purifying negative energies
  • Table Prayer and food activation
  • Conscious and targeted mastication
  • The 7 filters of Evolution – Making, preparation, use.



One day – 7 hour seminar.

Booking at least one week in advance is necessary.

For better use of the material it is advisable to have attended “The 7 Rays and the Masters” or to plan to do so in the near future.

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