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ATMA CRYSTAL healing ® is a complete authentic therapeutic system taught exclusively in Hilarion Healing & Research Center. It comes from Thailand, from a Shaman doctor with unlimited knowledge on Healing and Metaphysics.

The uniqueness of the seminar shines through its initiation. The initiation with ΑΤΜΑ CRYSTAL ® gives the trainee the opportunity to heal safely without previous knowledge from other systems, securely giving him the connection with the Crystal Ray.

The seminar consists of two basic circles (levels) and a third one that leads to a Crystal Healing Master’s Certificate.


Atma Crystal 1 ®

  • Crystalline initiation (2)
  • Development of theory on Crystal’s vital energy (Chi) (What they consist of-the 5 elements, the alchemy of Mother Earth), forms and analysis on their energies
  • Purification Techniques
  • learn how to detect their energy
  • Awakening-Activation-Programming.
  • Phenomenon of dematerialization
  • The Rainbow effect
  • Self-Healing
  • Treatment in others.
  • Competitive relations among Crystals
  • Protection for places, vehicles, trips, self-protection
  • Use different Crystals – Meditation with Crystals
  • Pendulum: how to use it
  • Shamanic Technique – The Breath of life
  • Meditations, Exercises, Practice.

Atma Crystal 2 ®

  • Crystalline initiation (2)
  • Cleansing of the Crystals-Purification techniques (depending on seasons -months-directions)
  • Using laser Crystals & Shamanic Crystals
  • Energy surgery with Crystals
  • Crystal Hypnosis
  • Internal communication
  • Techniques for protection
  • Space-vehicle-trips Therapy and Protection
  • Atlantic Cross (archetype)
  • Meditations, Exercises, Practice.
  • To achieve objectives for all sectors
  • Practical experience with laser crystal


* Certification is provided *
The 2nd level ATMA CRYSTAL is for those who want to become Crystal-Healers.

The necessary precondition is to have attended the 1st level ΑΤΜΑ CRYSTAL ®

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