Feng Shui

The beginning of the teaching of the great Feng Shui has the aim of gradually and analytically absorbing the knowledge of the elements of the energies and the healing of spaces. Every week both practicing and assignments will take place for a better and successful application of Feng Shui.. Some of the topics of the […]

Magnet Healing

The use of magnets boosts vitality and balances the functions of the organism. It offers healing support to various health problems such as: Arthritis, Cardiovascular, Hypertension, Inflammation, tumor – adenomas, contamination caused by radiation-chemotherapies, Fractures, all forms of pain and many other conditions as any disharmony associated to energy, chakras and meridians. The course is […]

The Flowering of the 12Petal

The Flowering of the 12Petal is the unrooting of the weeds that hinder the maturity of Love. This Seminar is for everybody, especially if the quest of inner serenity is a need and life motive. The Flowering of the 12petal is the unrooting of the weeds that hinder the maturity of Love. It is the […]

Higher Self – the Reunion

A 4-hour Awakening Seminar with healing applications for everybody. During this 4-hour healing seminar we will: Approach the meaning of the term Higher Self Experience the energy of the Higher Self Learn where it is manifested (glands, energy centers) Where the conflicts come from Receive an individual reunion by the coordinator Receive the Reunion Technique […]

Energymental Prosperity

The wheel of Fortune and the abundant gifts! Energymental Prosperity is a healing seminar that aims to help our talents and potentials emerge in a way that not only awakens our actions but also leads us to material wealth, fame and achievement. Leaving the chasing game, or the game of unfulfilled dreams, we enter our […]

The Sacred Scarab

The Sacred Scarab Seminar Master Serapis Bey prepares us by awakening our physical senses in a unique authentic way. The target of this Seminar is to upgrade the perception and knowledge of the disciple regarding the function of the senses in a multidimensional way. The practice and the techniques given are bound to transform and […]

Kallos, welcome!

Wellcome means that I invite to my life beautiful, pure creative and beneficial relationships!   General Information: Wellcome means that I invite to my life beautiful, pure, creative and beneficial relationships! This Seminar focuses on healing the prints of all relationships and renews the feelings and the body of the seeker of a harmonious relationship, […]

Energymental Intelligence

Energymental Intelligence combines research with mental and emotional clearing, initiates the practitioner into the first steps of esotericism through easy, yet powerful practices, always according to the needs of the individual. In this seminar there is a mapping of the human being through biological, psychological and metaphysical approaches! Since Energymental Healing is a pioneer in […]

The 4 Pillars of Awareness

Using the power of words we change the brainwaves so that the brain works beneficially in any situation. The Purpose of the 4 Pillars is to be applied on difficult moments so that we be winners even in the darkest and most demanding situations of life. The words are connected with certain brainwaves, of certain […]

Pythagorean Numerology

PYTHAGOREAN NUMEROLOGY, 1st Level Complete training on the Art of Numerology 2day seminar Analysis of Pythagoras’s Methods, analysis of the 6 Personal Numbers, Symbolisms, Techniques of prediction and use in every day life. Printed notes will be provided.