Feng Shui

The beginning of the teaching of the great Feng Shui has the aim of gradually and analytically absorbing the knowledge of the elements of the energies and the healing of spaces. Every week both practicing and assignments will take place for a better and successful application of Feng Shui.. Some of the topics of the […]

Magnet Healing

The use of magnets boosts vitality and balances the functions of the organism. It offers healing support to various health problems such as: Arthritis, Cardiovascular, Hypertension, Inflammation, tumor – adenomas, contamination caused by radiation-chemotherapies, Fractures, all forms of pain and many other conditions as any disharmony associated to energy, chakras and meridians. The course is […]

Pythagorean Numerology

PYTHAGOREAN NUMEROLOGY, 1st Level Complete training on the Art of Numerology 2day seminar Analysis of Pythagoras’s Methods, analysis of the 6 Personal Numbers, Symbolisms, Techniques of prediction and use in every day life. Printed notes will be provided.  

Asclepian Egimisis

The Hippocratic Oath begins mentioning Asclepius and Health. The doctors all over the world take an oath in these names. If we overcame dogmatism, we could say that Asclepius is a Godman, who had the most higly developed system of natural healing and really advanced knowledge on surgery. In Asclepian healing centers there were many […]

Atma Crystal

Atma Crystal 1 – Seminar   ATMA CRYSTAL healing ® is a complete authentic therapeutic system taught exclusively in Hilarion Healing & Research Center. It comes from Thailand, from a Shaman doctor with unlimited knowledge on Healing and Metaphysics. The uniqueness of the seminar shines through its initiation. The initiation with ΑΤΜΑ CRYSTAL ® gives […]

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki I Seminar   Reiki 1st Degree seminar’s curriculum is the following:     Energy centers (chakras)     Exercises to energise our hands     Self-healing and protection meditation     First initiation     Fast sitting therapy     Prayer, Scanning, Sweeping, Meridians.     Second initiation     Protection technique     […]