The Science of Meditation – LEVEL 1 & 2

The First Series consists of 7 Esoteric classes and it is open to everyone without the prerequisite of prior knowledge or experience. Following the knowledge given by Masters of the past and qualified scientists of the present, we invite you on a journey of self-awareness and personal transformation! Meditation is the path that leads us […]

The 7th fold chakra path

An inner teaching of the chakras begins (online and in person classes), devoting 9 two-hour lessons on theory, cleansing practices and meditation. The rich experiential content will help you: 1. Get to know yourself more deeply 2. Continually improve 3. Awaken inactive aspects of yourself 4. Intervene in unpleasant experiences embodied in the chakras 5. […]

Meditation in Plato’s Cave

The cave-body contains light and darkness, knowledge and ignorance, truth and misconception. Plato’s cave is one of the most figurative metaphors of all times. It is an allusion regarding the execution of Socrates and the moral teaching of the allegory… It is not so easy to get out of Plato’s cave even though you know […]

Retroactive meditation

Retroactive meditation sends you back in life, no matter which life,it helps you find the real source of your problems in order to heal your present and your future as well. During this meditation there is guidance by one of our Spiritual Guides.

Tao Meditation

Tao meditation is very powerful and balances the 5 elements within our body. We learn how to have a special relationship with our inner organs and this is very important.

Crystal meditation

Crystal meditation  is a connection to the Crystal world in various dimensions and parallel worlds through the third eye awakening. All kinds of practiotioners can attend this meditation.