Energymental Diagnostics 2

Content External Diagnostics – Physiognomy Internal Diagnostics – Ida, Pingala, Sushumna Spiritual Diagnostics for students The 18 chakras of Energymental Healing – Analysis Complete reception of history Practice Duration 5 hours Preconditions for the 2nd Level: The Flowering of the 12Petal Higher Self the Reunion The Quintessence of Hygeia The 7 Rays and the Masters […]

Soul Talisman

The Soul Talisman is an advanced Energymental Healing Seminar for those who have successfully attended the Energymental Therapeutics seminar. The practitioners are asked to ground their sacred personal symbol that connects them with the energy of their Soul. Under the guidance of the Master, this symbol, different for every individual, is projected in the immaterial […]

The Art of Clairvoyance

The Art of Clairvoyance ® is an experiential Energymental Healing seminar that aims at awakening the clairvoyance ability of the trainee. Due to the nature of this seminar, previous knowledge and experience on energy, chakras, energy bodies etc is desirable in order to assure that there will not be any difficulty during practice. We penetrate into […]

Energymental Therapeutics

ENERGYMENTAL THERAPEUTICS 3RD LEVEL Those who are interested in becoming Energymental Healers may continue to the 3rd Level. The transmitted healing knowledge is very specialized and detailed for all the conditions and much more demanding. The Healers work on a complete material that offers safety and strong bases on healing, giving also professional guidance. The […]